Norwalk Reflector: Cynthia Kniffin ballet takes on classical, modern dance

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Cynthia Kniffin ballet takes on classical, modern dance

By MAISEE FRIED • Updated Jun 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM

The Cynthia Kniffin Dance Academy drew hundreds to its latest performance this weekend.

The ballet was a “massive performance — bigger than theater, bigger than the typical recital,” said Kniffin, who directed the four-part show.

The cast performed a more classical dance style during the first half of the performance, a story ballet representing “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll.

The second half of the show was more “modern and fun,” Kniffin said.

After a few selections from “Swan Lake,” the second half included pieces from “Star Wars” and “Grease.”

Kniffin enjoyed the interesting characters.

“They were fun to develop,” she said. 

“(The program) offers a lot of opportunity for both older and younger dancers. This cast of seniors is younger than usual,” Kniffin said.

Kniffin recognized all the work parents, stage crew, volunteers and teachers put in to make the show a success. 

Amber Hess, a parent of two of the dancers, spent three years with the company.

“We’re just really happy,” she said, “The best thing is the values and morals they teach the girls. They expect the ladies to act like young ladies. I just appreciate it as a mom.”

Hess noted the importance of the organization’s teamwork.

“Parents, volunteers, dressing-room parents — we’re like family,” she said. 

Another parent, Amy Nevison, enjoys the positive environment and discipline the school of dance practices. 

“It’s a classical dance education and that’s the standard I enjoy,” Nevison said.

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