You’ll dig into the ‘Pan’ offered in Mansfield

Aaron Krause • Aug 8, 2014 at 8:07 PM

When it comes to choosing a show for a summer theater production, the musical version of “Peter Pan,” with which we’re all familiar, is, to borrow a phrase from “Mary Poppins,” “practically perfect in every way.”

It offers people an escape from their everyday lives by imagining live fairies and remaining forever young. (Check)

There’s good vs. evil (Check).

There’s a host of colorful, eccentric characters (Check).

The show is a great introduction to live theater for young children, offering them what might be their first chance to suspend their disbelief (Check).

There are memorable, upbeat fantasy-enhancing tunes. The notes of one song, “I’m Flying,” get higher and higher, just as the characters singing them are literally taking flight. (Check, check).

A company of actors at The Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield are offering up an invigorating, riveting production, featuring multi-faceted performances and strong singing. (Check).

The production is on-stage for three more performances.

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