Summer programs a go in Monroeville?

Zoe Greszler • Apr 23, 2019 at 3:00 PM

MONROEVILLE — The Monroeville school board won’t have to cancel its summer programs after all — in fact, it will have not one, but two programs. 

At the April board meeting, the board discussed the possibility of cancelling its summer reading program, citing a lack of funding. On the agenda for May’s board session is a discussion with curriculum director Coral Smith and the changes she and the teachers have made to prevent the loss of both the reading and the district’s first-ever summer math program.

“They did a great job at working hard to cut costs,” superintendent Ralph Moore said. “They were able to save enough money not just for the reading program, but to add the math program we wanted to add as well. It will be the first time we’re going to provide a summer math program.”

Moore said the teachers were able to get some things donated from the district’s English, language arts and math departments. That, along with price shopping and a few other things, brought the price “just under $9,000.” There is no cost to parents for either program.

“We’re real excited about this,” he said.

Moore said that last year’s summer reading program, which had about 45 students, not only helped to prevent “summer slide,” but helped some children to even advance in their skills over the off-school months.

The school sent out more than 100 invitations to students, inviting them to the programs, which will run for about three-hour sessions “to make it more convenient for the parents.”

We’ve diversified the timing of the program so that it’s more advantageous to the parents, so we’re making them longer sessions,” Moore said. “Then parents can drop their kids off and do grocery shopping or whatever and get some things done. We wanted to do what was most convenient for the parents.”

Exact times for the program sessions have not been set, but are being discussed. 

Also tonight the board will also talk about the regularly scheduled update to the science and health department curriculums.

The board is slated to discuss and approve a variety of policies, including ones regarding graduation requirements, student discipline, bomb threats, social media and the use of drones.

Other policies on the list deal with professional staff positions, recruiting and employment, blended learning, electronic communication devises, purchases, expense reimbursement, stale checks, school volunteers and crowdfunding.

The session will begin at 7 p.m. in the M.A.C.

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