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Firelands Challenge matches delayed

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Jan 29, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Four Firelands Challenge matches had to be postponed last week due to school delays and cancellations. The make-up dates extend to Feb. 4.

The results of round VI matches will determine the final cumulative scores, the two teams that move directly into the championship round and determine which three teams will participate in a play-off match. Teams involved in the make-up matches are in contention for the top spots in the cumulative standings.

Round VI results will be released after the final regular season match is held.

The postponement of the round VI matches, pushes the championship rounds back as well since the first of the post-season games was originally scheduled to take place Thursday morning and the second originally on Feb. 4. The new championship round dates will be announced after the regular season games have been completed. 

Entering round VI, the standings showed Edison, Norwalk and Huron holding the top three spots. 

The top five teams and their cumulative scores are:

1. Edison 281

2. Norwalk 231

3. Huron 224

4. Margaretta 215

5. Monroeville and Perkins (tie) 209 

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