An appeal makes Edison the winner after all

Zoe Greszler • Nov 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Upon further review, Edison High School will keep their defeated state this Firelands Challenge season thus far. 

The Firelands Challenge academic competition press release reported the scores before appeals were considered. The previously reported scores indicated that Edison missed its team choice question and Norwalk picked it up on a bonus try to edge out the current champions in their match at Clyde.

The appeals though now have been completed. After the adjusted scores, for Round 2, Edison gained two points on an appeal while Norwalk lost one point as a result of the appeal, making Edison the round winner.

The score for Clyde stayed the same.

The adjusted final round scores are:

Edison: 55

Norwalk: 53

Clyde: 13

The Round 3 match was played Monday in the Edison gym, where the Chargers competed against Willard and Port Clinton.

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