Edison Edge Day offers helpful post-graduation info for seniors

Cary Ashby • Updated May 20, 2018 at 8:00 PM

MILAN — Edison Edge Day was a time for Edison seniors to gain valuable real-life knowledge they will need after graduation.

Offered throughout Friday were sessions on: Safe interaction with law enforcement, self-defense basics, successful interview skills, basic car care, latest apps for post-graduate success and financial insights.

Also included was a panel of recent graduates who shared their wisdom on what they wish they knew before graduating.

“They bring alumni back,” said Ella Meredith, noting the graduates usually have pursued a variety of career paths.

Meredith, a member of Teen Leadership Corps, assisted guidance counselor Elisa Brown with organizing the third annual Edison Edge Day by arranging for food and water for lunch. The lunch-time activities included a pizza party, the distribution of senior T-shirts, a group picture and senior video.

Nicole Withrow, a certified financial coach, led the seminar on financial insights. She started the sessions by sharing the financial struggles she and husband had at one point — despite both of them having jobs — and how they realized they were “minimum-ing payments ourselves to death.”

“There are a lot of people who are hurting financially,” said Withrow, who intended to share financial insight that she wished she knew 10 years ago.

Brendan Scott said the finances session taught him “what the adult world would be like” and it’s OK to put off having a nice car and house until much later in life.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth and public defender Jeff Whitacre led the seminar on law enforcement. Scott said the pair shared how to make good choices, staying safe by “being aware of everything around you,” the legal process “so you don’t get yourself in too deep” and the importance of being respectful when interacting with a police officer. Sigsworth and Whitacre also discussed the dangers of underage drinking.

“They reminded us of our (legal) rights,” Scott said.

Brian Blitz, owner of Blitz Automotive in Berlin Heights, walked the seniors through charging a car battery and changing a tire.

Blitz emphasized finding a safe area if your vehicle gets a flat tire on the highway. He shared an anecdote of a motorist who “lived to tell the tale” after a tractor-trailer driver fell alseep and the rig plowed into his vehicle on the side of the road.

“Try not to stay in your car if you can,” Blitz said. “Put yourself in a safe spot.”

Also he reminded the seniors that temporary tires are exactly that — only good for about 50 miles of travel and going at a high speed of 50 mph.

“You don’t drive on it forever,” Blitz said.

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