Students enjoy 'delicious' donuts with dads, 'Papa'

Cary Ashby • Dec 7, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Third-grader Madison Hessemer enjoyed spending some extra time with her father during Donuts with Dad at Pleasant Elementary on Wednesday morning.

While the two sometimes play volleyball together, eating together in the morning is a rarity.

“Since I work third shift, I sleep all morning, so I never get to have breakfast with her,” said Dustin Hackathorn, who was at his first Donuts with Dad. “It’s great. More schools should do it.”

Sitting nearby was Jasmine Neal with her grandfather, Brett Gribben. The 8-year-old girl calls him “Papa.”

After breakfast, Gribben said he looked forward to touring the school and seeing his granddaughter’s classroom.

Pleasant Elementary has held Donuts with Dad, along with Muffins with Mom and Grandparents Week, since at least 2006 when Janice Smith became the principal. During each one, the adults have the opportunity to tour the building and meet the children’s teachers and Smith.

Of the three annual events, Grandparents Week brings in the most people.

“Always 500,” Smith said, noting some grandparents come as far away as Cleveland. “They love it. We always do it in September.”

The grandparents often share how welcome they feel at Pleasant.

“It’s heartwarming,” said Smith, who once received a Christmas card from some grandparents after their special week at the elementary school. “(They wrote), ‘we are still talking about our trip to Pleasant.’ It’s awesome; I still have it.”

Cory Boomer, the father of third-grader Corvin, said Donuts with Dads is a great opportunity to truly catch up on what’s happening in school.

“Sometimes they come home from school and say nothing happened,” he said.

Corvin, whose mother is Kandi Lewis, had a big smile when he was asked what he enjoys most about having breakfast at school with his father.

“I get to eat donuts and eat with my dad,” the 8-year-old boy said. “My favorite is plain jelly-filled.”

“That was my favorite too,” his father added.

“They’re delicious,” his son said.

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