Muffins for Mom 'is a blessing'

Cary Ashby • Apr 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM


That’s how 10-year-old Aiden Knoll describes having his mother, Sara Sitterly, with him for Muffins with Mom at League Elementary. Of course his actions might speak louder than his one word; he energetically threw his arms up in the universal sign for a touchdown.

“It’s fun, especially with all the siblings to join him,” his mother said. “He enjoys video games. So if I get a chance for one-on-one time, he likes me to play video games.”

And that usually means she gets beat playing “Mario Kart.”

For Landin Norris, quality time with Mom means going to Vargo’s Drive-In for a cherry chocolate marshmallow milkshake — his father Jeremy’s favorite too.

Muffins with Mom is for grandmas, too. 

Connie Miller is grateful for eating breakfast with her grandson, Parker Lloyd. She said she gets to attend the annual event “when Mom has to teach.” Tiffany Lloyd teaches first grade at Maplehurst Elementary.

“I’ve got eight grandchildren and I’ve been able to do something (school-related) with them all,” Miller said.

Her grandson said he appreciates spending time with a different member of his family.

Jessica Kinsey had a double treat Thursday. She was with two of her children, Dawson and Somerlyn Collum, who aren’t twins but are in the same grade. 

“It’s nice to actually get to relax and they get the food they like because I don’t buy chocolate milk very often,” their mother said.

Crystal Norris’ favorite one-on-one time with her son Landin is simply talking and catching up with what he’s doing in school.

“I also like to go outside and play basketball,” she added.

“It (Muffins with Mom) is a pretty special time. Since I have five kids, getting one-on-one time is a blessing.”

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