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Huron Playhouse a treasure we don't want to lose

• May 28, 2017 at 6:00 AM

HURON — It is a treasure that will be missed.

The Huron Playhouse is closing its doors this year, with hopes of re-opening in 2018.

There are many Norwalk and Huron County residents who have enjoyed productions there over the years. Former Norwalk Reflector staff writer Aaron Krause, a critic who has reviewed hundreds of plays, including ones on Broadway, had nothing but good things to say all of the years he covered productions at the theater in downtown Huron.

The playhouse made a desperate attempt to stay afloat, but its fundraisers didn’t work — forcing it to close this year.

Board directors tried AmazonSmile and other fundraising techniques, such as GoFundMe, to reach their $100,000 goal for the year, but they fell short.

“Significant improvements” need to be made and the playhouse’s board and staff plan to develop an 18-month operating plan while they’re closed, according to its website.

The business has been struggling since 2010, when Bowling Green State University stopped funding it.

Norwalk lost its treasure years ago when the Towne & Country Theatre closed, and we would hate to see the same thing happen in Huron.

Good luck with your fundraising efforts. Huron Playhouse was good for the actors learning their skills and the patrons who were able to get good, wholesome entertainment without traveling to Cleveland or Toledo.

We hope that will continue next year.



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