Norwalk Reflector: Maple City Road Race Results

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Maple City Road Race Results

• Jul 11, 2017 at 3:30 PM

The running of the Maple City Road Race provided some impressive results.

The female open winner was Elise Crane with a time of 28:07. In the Female Under 10 division, Tatum Young won with a time of 41:38.4. For the female 11-13 division, Rachel Herner won with a time of 32:08.9. For the female 14-19 division, Kaielligh Stang won with a time of 29:15. For the female 20-24 division, Sydney Kramer won with a time of 32:48.7. In the female 25-29 division, Tiffany Caponi won with a  30:47. For the female 30-34 division, Allison Sellers won with a 33:21.2.

In the Female 35-39 division, Sarah Smith won with a 31:22.1. In the female 40-44 division, Gina Warnke won with a 30:32. In the female 45-49, Nancy Wells won with a 30:59. IN the female 50-54, Krista Smith won with a 34:19.1. In the female 55-59 division, Karen Sharpnack won with a 37:14.6 and in the female 60-64 division, Mary Stubnar won with a 43:28.7.

For the male 10 and under division, Jackson Michaelis won with a 29:27. In the male 11-13 division, Aiden Naseman won with a 26:17. In the male 14-19 division, Ethan Bores won with a 22:56. In the male 20-24 division, Matt Scheerer won with a 30:30. In the male 25-29 division, Marco Caponi won with a 24:36. In the male 30-34 division, Adam Reichert won with a 25:20. In the male 35-39 division, Kurt Michaelis won with a 23:25. In the male 40-44 division, Jarrod Crawford won with a 29:46.

In the male 45-49 division, Jeff Collingwood won with a 27:03. In the Male 50-54 division, Blake Burchell won with a 25:38. In the male 55-59 division, Dave Fisher won with a 29:04. In the male 60-64 division, Gary Borgelt won with a 28:37 and in the male 65 and over division, Denny Welfle won with a 36:21.1.

Sue Michos won the female walkers division with a 48:57.4 and Troy Bryant won the male walkers division with a 56:56.5.

Caden Foos took the top overall time in the race with a 22:38.

Take a look at the complete results from the Maple City Road Race in the pictures above.

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