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45 people indicted by grand jury

• Apr 12, 2018 at 6:08 PM

An Erie County grand jury has indicted 45 people.

Here are their names and charges:

• Allen S. Bachman for Possession of Heroin

• Anthony T. Moore for Disrupting Public Service; Vandalism (grand jurors, however, declined to indict him for Domestic Violence)

• Randy A. Myers for Agg. Trafficking in Drugs; Agg. Possession of Drugs

• Stacy M. Bolding for Agg. Trafficking in Drugs; Agg. Possession of Drugs

• Tyler J. Pitts for Possession of Marijuana; Trafficking in Marijuana; Obstructing Official Business

• Ariene D. Sutherland for OVI; OVI Refusal

• George N. Boggs for OVI; OVI Refusal; Specs.

• Jade T. King for Felonious Assault; Aggravated Menacing; Assault

• Julmonte D. Leland for Assault; Resisting Arrest; Domestic Violence

• Nathaniel Hearn for Possession of Cocaine

• Akiva T. Hunter II for Possession of Drugs

• Stella M. Anderson for Receiving Stolen Property

• Travis J. Butler for Complicity to Commit Possession of Heroin; Complicity to Commit Trafficking in Heroin

• Kelsey M. Blazik for Possession of Heroin; Traf. in Heroin; Forf. Specs.

• Sterling K. Duvall for Possession of Cocaine; Trafficking in Cocaine

• Walter L. Griffith Jr. for Possession of Cocaine; Trafficking in Cocaine; Forf. Specs.

• Frederick L. Farris for Tampering w/Evidence; Trafficking in Cocaine; Possession of Cocaine; Possession of Heroin; Aggravated Possession of Drugs; Forf. Specs.

• Raymond R. Rainey for Grand Theft; Having Weapons While Under Disability — 2 cts.; Petty Theft

• James D. Blissit for Possession of Cocaine

• William H. Moore Jr. for Possession of Cocaine

• Edward Weaver for Possession of Cocaine — 2 cts.

• Anthony D. King for Breaking and Entering ; Grand Theft; Forgery — 2 cts.; Theft; Receiving Stolen Property — 2 cts.

• Wendy C. Swain for Failure to Comply; Possession of Cocaine; Tampering w/Evidence

• Christopher Collins for Sexual Battery — 2 cts.; Att. Sexual Battery; Endangering Children — 2 cts.; Attempted Gross Sexual Imposition; Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles — 2 cts.; Contributing to Unruliness or Delinquency of a Child — 2 cts.; Failure to Comply With Underage Laws — 3 cts.; Obstructing Official Business

• Anthony J. Labondano for Non-Support of Dependents — 2 cts.

• David T. Williamson for Domestic Violence

• George J. Rumack for Illegal Conveyance of Drugs of Abuse onto Grounds of a Specified Governmental Facility; Possession of Cocaine; Possession of Heroin

• Dennis R. Beggs Jr. for Possession of Cocaine

• Andre L. Ellis for Felonious Assault; Disrupting Public Service; Robbery — 2 cts.; Domestic Violence; Assault; Petty Theft

• William J. Peabody for Possession of Cocaine; Possession of Drugs

• Nathaniel M. Cruz for Gross Sexual Imposition — 4 cts.

• Aries M. Irby for Aggravated Riot; Assault 

• Tarn’jha Bartlett for Carrying a Concealed Weapon; Aggravated Riot — 2cts.

• Jeffrey E. Moore for Having Weapons While Under Disability - 6cts.; Possession of Cocaine; Trafficking in Cocaine; Possession of Heroin; Forf. Specs.; Firearm Specs.

• Tavon J. Myers for Possession of Marijuana; Trafficking in Marijuana; Aggravated Menacing; Forf. Specs,

• Joshua  Heyman for Receiving Stolen Property — 4cts.; Aggravated Possession of Drugs; Trespass in a Habitation; Theft; Burglary; Grand Theft

• Timothy P. Snyder Jr. for Possession of Cocaine; Aggravated Possession of Drugs; Identity Fraud

• Justin R. Sattler for Trespass in a Habitation; Inducing Panic; Burglary; Resisting Arrest

• Brendan D. Durr for Possessing Criminal Tools; Identity Fraud — 3 cts.; Escape; Forgery — 3 cts.; Carrying a Concealed Weapon; Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle; Having Weapons While Under Disability; Assault; Forf. Specs.

• Brya N. Echols for Complicity to Commit Identity Fraud —3 cts.; Complicity to Commit Forgery — 3 cts.; Complicity to Commit Possessing Criminal Tools

• Randy Christopher Stone Kimble for Felonious Assault; Tampering With Evidence; Having Weapons While Under Disability; Firearm Specs.

Shawn M. Puder, Felonious Assault; Domestic Violence

In addition to the aforementioned defendants, three other people were secretly indicted, meaning their names and charges won’t be released until arrests are made or court papers served. 

Also, no indictment was issued against these accused persons:

• Thomas J. Mitchell Jr. for Rape — 2 cts. (secret)

• Willam F. Poynter for Rape (secret)

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