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Gas station owner wants defendant to pay $2,500 for break-in

By IVY KELLER • Updated Jan 12, 2017 at 11:58 PM

Za Quan Bolling, 18, of Wellington, had his sentencing rescheduled to March 8. 

Bolling pleaded guilty in November to breaking into the Rich gas station on Sept. 14. He was arrested by Norwalk police, who recovered several packs of cigarettes, cigar cartons and other items on Bolling’s person.

During his hearing Wednesday, county prosecutor Bambi Couch Page let the court know the gas station owner was asking for $2,465.58 in restitution.

“I take it that’s for the window?” asked Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge Jim Conway.

“Mostly,” Couch Page replied. “They’re also requesting restitution for cigarettes and tobacco products that he had in his possession.”

The stolen items were worth an estimated $97.

Bolling has re-enrolled in high school and entered counseling, and Conway said they would like to observe his progress more before sentencing him.

Another defendant, Andrew D. Perkins, 29, of 14 Townsend St., Greenwich, will spend one year on probation following his hearing at Huron County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday.

Perkins pleaded guilty in November to improper handling of a firearm. He was not eligible for prison based on the fifth-degree felony charge. 

“I hear you did not cause, or expect to cause, harm to persons or property,” said Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge Jim Conway. “You had led a law-abiding life for a significant number of years.”

Conway sentenced Perkins to one year of terms and conditions with thirty days of discretionary jail time to be imposed as his probation officers see fit.

“If you do as well as we assume you’re going to do based on your past history, they may ask me to forgive or forgo that time,” Conway added.

Perkins must also pay a $250 fine to the county and undergo a safety course, although he is no longer allowed to handle firearms. Neither he nor his attorney made any statements during the hearing.

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