Convicted stabber again kicked out of CBCF

Cary Ashby • Updated Jan 28, 2016 at 9:31 PM

A former Norwalk woman and convicted stabber who has faced multiple probation violations has been kicked out of a locked-down treatment center.

Katelyn N. Taylor, 20, will remain in the Huron County Jail without bond until her Feb. 17 hearing in Huron County Common Pleas Court. She has been in custody since Jan. 19.

The latest offense constitutes Taylor’s third round of probation violations.

In mid-October, Judge Jim Conway ordered Taylor to complete a four to six-month term in a community-based corrections facility. She violated her probation by failing to complete her previous stint in a CBCF, which focuses on treatment and education. CBCF officials wrote up Taylor for 33 rules infractions, including dress-code offenses and being disrespectful to staff members and clients.

Taylor, earlier in 2015, admitted to a seven-count probation violation. She had to live with her aunt and remain on the same community control sanctions, which include undergoing psychological and substance abuse counseling.

Her offenses included: Two dirty drug screens within 15 days of each other, failing to report for probation appointments five times and not telling her probation officer she had contact with the Norwalk Police Department during a Feb. 7 incident.

Taylor’s underlying conviction is attempted felonious assault for a Nov. 11, 2013 domestic dispute when she stabbed her older brother, who survived. Police recovered the knife inside Taylor’s apartment and seized an article of clothing worn by her brother during the stabbing.

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