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Are you among the 18% that cheat on your diet everyday?

• May 5, 2018 at 6:00 PM

International Diet Day is Sunday. A recent survey proves that Americans love to pack on the carbs when it comes to cheating on those diets.

Here's a "penne" for your thoughts: 96 percent of Americans surveyed by ThreeBridges say they are obsessed with pasta.

The business asked 2,000 Americans about their diet cheating habits, and 26 percent ranked pasta and their go-to cheat food. With so many forms and recipes available, gnocchi-ding pasta was one of the more popular indulgences.

They say honesty is the best policy, and it looks like those surveyed were quite honest. About 18 percent said they actually cheat on their diets everyday. Another 28 percent said they cheat twice a week, with Saturday (36 percent) and Friday (25 percent) selected as the top days people are likely to cheat.

Some say “nothing tastes as good as skiny feels,” but the survey revealed the average American may not agree.

When it comes to picking what's for dinner, Americans aren't afraid to follow their stomachs. About 55 percent said they “eat whatever they’re in the mood for,” whether it follows a diet of not. Of those surveyed, 27 percent also said they've never been on a diet because they “love food too much.”

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