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This fanboy still hasn't seen 'Star Wars'

By Joe Centers • May 7, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Spoiler alert.

For all of you out there who watch “Game of Thrones” and are counting down to the final two episodes, you might not want to read this.

Not because I am going to give anything away. There isn’t much here to tell.

We have a couple of fanboys in the newsroom who can tell you everything about every “Star Wars” and
“Avengers” movie. We have a fangirl who can do the same.

But “Game of Thrones”? Not so much.

The main reason is only one person in the newsroom has HBO ... she gets it on Netflix. So the money she saves from not getting cable she can spend on HBO. The rest of us save our money for the NFL and MLB networks.

I am not a moviegoer. I have not seen one “Star Wars” movie. I have never seen “The Avengers” or “Superman” or any on those kinds of movies.

I do watch the original “Batman” sometimes on Saturday mornings. But that is it.

If you ever get the chance, you should watch one of the old “Batman” TV shows. I remember when it came out when I was a young boy — the build-up for the show was something. And the back-to-back nights kept you coming back. They are funny to watch now.

The only time I ever watched the “Game of Thrones” was on a flight to Las Vegas. The guy in front of me on the opposite aisle was watching it and I tried to view it from afar. There certainly wasn’t a lot for me to see or take away from it.

I have nothing against the “Game of Thrones” and I understand how people get so involved in their shows.

I Googled “Game of Thrones” on Monday morning and there already is a countdown to Sunday’s second-to-last episode: Six days, 12 hours, 21 minutes and 28 seconds.

I Googled another site about who is going to win and this is what it said:

“Cersei Lannister tried to warn Ned Stark right before he died in the first season of ‘Game of Thrones’: ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.’

“That simple, iconic statement has only gotten more complicated as the episodes have rolled by and the stakes have ratcheted up. Medieval kings and queens have made political plays; Jon Snow has discovered some truths; Daenerys has learned how to govern; the two leaders have found each other and struck up a romance; and the dead have breached The Wall and marched on Winterfell, only for the Night King to fall.

“The battle for the Iron Throne is front and center the series' conflict once again.”

What? There is a lot going on there. Sounds like they can keep the door open for “Game of Thrones II.”

It’s kind of like that around here Monday mornings following a Browns game or a big Indians weekend series. We can break the games down play by play and pitch by pitch. 

The real countdown I am paying attention to is the final couple of episodes of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Why do we spend so much time watching time TV and getting so involved with our shows?

What’s the alternative? Watching the battle for the Iron Throne in Washington: Trump vs. Pelosi; Republican vs. Democrat; rich vs. poor; good vs. evil. There are plenty of storylines there to digest.

The choice is yours.

Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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