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New face, new ideas for Republican party

By Joe Centers • Apr 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Brandon Schwinn is one of the bright new faces on the area political scene and he’s hoping his youth can be an asset.

The 2008 New London High School graduate went on to Baldwin-Wallace University, where he graduated in 2012.

Schwinn started working at Backoffice Associates in Norwalk four years ago and on Jan. 17 was elected chairman in the Huron County Republican Party.

He has been married for one year to the former Kayliann Matter, of Norwalk.

“I’ve been involved since I got out of college in 2012,” Schwinn said. “I really feel it is our duty. We do have parties and parties do serve a need. This is the process we have and this is the way I want to help out with our democracy.”

He has a lot of things he’s hoping to get accomplished with the Republican party, with a big meeting set for Thursday which will include all 40 members of the central executive committee. 

Schwinn’s two biggest goals are funding and technology.

He said he’s trying to get “more resolutions from the members” about fundraising. Raising cash is a big part of politics and Schwinn said the local party has to step up its game.

As far as technology, Schwinn said “I see my goal as being chair right now is my ability to strengthen technology and getting the party up to speed.”

“At the moment I am pretty satisfied,” Schwinn said about his first three-plus months as chairman.

All eyes in the party are on the primary election two weeks from today when Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan will take on challenger Dave Wallace. Duncan is seeking his third four-year term as mayor while Wallace currently on city council.

Is this hard for the party to have a primary with the sitting mayor?

“I wouldn’t call it tough,” Schwinn said. “Everybody has the right to run aginst each other. It is part of our electorial process. It keeps everybody honest. (This is) making sure everyone is working at their best. I am sure we have two very good candidates. 

“Dave Wallace has helped us out in the past and we do not want to endorse anybody.  It is my policy not get involved in the primary. The primary is chance for all active Republican members to have a say. 

“Generally my policy has to been to stay out of endorsing unless there have been special cases.”

There will be a Republican mayoral primary Q&A at 6 p.m. Wednesday at 16 W. Main St., sponsored by the Huron County Chamber of Commerce.

Other than the May 7 primary, Schwinn said things have been “very quiet” because it’s an off year. That will give him and fellow party members to start gearing up for 2020 and the next presidential cycle.

That’s when the fun will really begin.

Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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