Norwalk Reflector: Try your hand at this 1968 Norwalk trivia

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Try your hand at this 1968 Norwalk trivia

By JIM BUSEK • Sep 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM

The Norwalk High School Class of 1968 held its 50th class reunion recently. And I was there. Not as a member of the class, of course, (I—ahem—am a little older) but as spouse to the girl formerly known as Charlynne Rew.

Class member Travis Chapin recalled that Miss Rew/Mrs. Busek had provided questions for some Senior Year Trivia fun at the group’s 40 year gathering. And with aging memory being what it is, Travis reasoned that if we could find those questions again they could be recycled 10 years later and be just as much fun.

He was right. Class member Charles Flickinger took the microphone and in his charming-and-slightly-mischievous manner challenged the group with some minutiae from exactly 50 years ago.

Of course, there was plenty to work with. As years go, 1968 was a beauty.

Certainly you remember Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and war protests and black power and all that.

But what do you remember from right around here?

Naturally, I don’t expect you to know who was the only new girl in the senior class when school started in September, 1967 (Paulette Lenhart) or how long a class period was (40 minutes), but take a stab at these.


What was the price of a new set of 4 Firestone tires in 1968: a) $79.95, b) $59.95, c) $49.95

Who was the high school head football coach at the start of the 1967-68 school year? Who was the basketball coach?

An NHS teacher with a Master’s degree and 14 years experience was at the top of the salary schedule in 1967-68. How much did he or she earn: a) $11,600, b) 10,100, c) $8,100

W.T. Grant had sneakers on sale for a) $7.95, b) $5.95, c) $2.95

Who was the mayor of Norwalk in 1967-68?

What teams played in the 1967 World Series?

What tragic event occurred in northern Ohio shortly before school started in September, 1967? Hint: 17 people died in a very unusual accident.

A barrel of chicken at Terry’s Drive-In (“serves 10-12 hungry people”) cost: a) $5.00, b) $6, c) $7.50

What national tragedy occurred immediately before graduation in June, 1968?

Aside from the noisy Class of 1968 graduating, what happened in June, 1968 that made things a lot quieter on Main Street in Norwalk?

A dozen eggs could be bought in 1968 for a) $.39, b) $.59 c) $.79

A 3-bedroom ranch on Morley Drive featuring “new shrubbery” had an asking price of a) $9,900, b) $14,900, c) $19,500


How did you do?

1) C. That’s right, you could get a complete set of name brand tires for under 50 bucks.

2) Bill Mrkowski was the football coach and, yes, that’s really how his name was spelled . Leonard Hardman coached basketball.

3) C. Maximum teacher pay was $8100 after five or six years in college and 14 years in the classroom.

4) C. $2.95 for a pair of sneakers. Nike hadn’t been born yet.

5) Harold Finch was mayor. Or perhaps you called him by his more familiar nickname, Heinie.

6) St. Louis and Boston were in the World Series. St. Louis won.

7) Skydivers in a plane that left from the Wakeman airport were accidentally dropped over Lake Erie and drowned. One of the guys at the Class of ’68 reunion knew the pilot who, he told us, experienced a kind of personal hell afterward.

8) Remember Terry’s? Out by the Norwalk Bargain Center? You could get a 12-piece bucket in 1968 for $5.00.

9) Robert Kennedy was assassinated

10) The Route 20 bypass opened.

11) A, you could buy a dozen nutritious eggs for just 39 cents.

12) B, under $15,000 for a nice house in what was then one of Norwalk’s newer neighborhoods.


Kind of fun, huh?

How about this: you try to remember the answers to these questions for another 10 years. And if I can remember how to operate my computer for that long, I will run this column again then.


Jim Busek is a free-lance writer who lives in Norwalk. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

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