Norwalk Reflector: They don't write stories like they used to

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They don't write stories like they used to

By Joe Centers • Sep 9, 2018 at 6:00 AM

I love reading the Blast from the Past column each day in the Norwalk Reflector.

Publisher Andy Prutsok goes through the microfilm each day and picks out interesting stories from years past.

While I like reading the newer ones where I know some names, and even ones that I have written, I love the way journalists wrote stories in the early years.

Here are a few I really enjoy. Let me know some of your favorites so I can pass them on in a future column:

High school basket ball (1909)

At School Hall Friday evening the High School boys again were beaten by the Fremont boys, but not by so overwhelming a score as a few weeks ago at Fremont. Through illness and other causes only two of the regular Norwalk team were able to take part in the game but a good game was played.

Unlike the teams of other towns in the Northwestern Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Norwalk boys have no one to train them. No one pays any attention to them and all they learn about the game they have to pick up themselves; even Bellevue has a regular basket ball coach.

It is surprising that our boys hold their own as well as they do, especially when away from home, for in not one instance this season when playing abroad have they found the baskets hung according to regulations, a requirement strictly observed in the Norwalk hall.

The game at the School Hall Friday was good one but because of the going out of the electric lights, the game was stopped before the second half was completed. The score then stood Fremont 28, Norwalk 5.

Norwalk: Left forward, Knoll; Right forward, William Wickham; Center, John Wickham; Left guard, Spurrier; right guard, Stiles.

Golfers getting goofy for Labor Day swatfest (1925)

Labor Day is to see a battle royal at the Norwalk Country Club when two doughty teams of crack players clash on the greensward.

Herb Gallup is captiain of the Sod Busters while Charles Goodell calls the roll for the Dirty Divits. Each of these golf sharks has been serendipitously sizing up players for the past week and each declares he has picked out the good ones — players who were never known to dribble in the brook on 7, or slice into the woods on 6 — players who shoot off of 3 like sharpshooters and who chip in from the edge of the green just as easy as ordinary players shove it into the cup with their heel. Play will start at 9 sharp Monday.

Erf Guernsey cow has good record (1935)

Katy’s Trixie of Chestnut Ridge, a Guernsey cow owned by William Erf, of near Monroeville, has recently completed her 10 record with an average of 9,452 pounds of milk and 476 pounds of butterfat annually. It is a long-time high production with a calf every year that makes her one of the most valuable members of the herd.

She is still working hard every day in spite of the fact that for a decade she gave more than two tons of butterfat.

Her high year (1930), she made 12,640 pounds of milk and 621 pounds of butterfat.

Crickets say frost in six weeks (1914)

Crickets are here, says Will Rule, who says he saw one a couple of days ago. If “Bill” is right and the old adage holds good, the “good old summer time” is short lived. According to the adage, it is only six weeks to frost from the time the cricket puts in his appearance.

Heat record broken here (1933)

Hot weather records for a number of years were broken here yesterday afternoon when the government thermometer at the Gregory home registered at 104.

Total rainfall registered up till about 2 p.m. today in the last 24 hours was 1.18 inches.

The rains of yesterday and today will add millions of dollars to crop values of this district. Of particular benefit will be the effect of the rain on home gardens and on crops being raised for the Pressing Canning Co.

Accuse boy of burglary at Bell’s Dairy (1944)

A young Norwalk boy has been turned over to the probate court by the police department on the charge of breaking and entering the Bell Dairy on E. Main St. last Saturday night. Entrance was gained through a cellar window. An investigation revealed that whoever entered the building damaged an adding machine and drank a quantity of milk.

Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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