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November ballot loaded with levies

By Joe Centers • Jul 24, 2018 at 12:00 PM

They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.

Some people might say they are being taxed to death heading into the Nov. 6 election.

It will be a ballot filled with levies — including four for those who live in the city of Norwalk and the Norwalk school district and four for those who live in the village of New London and New London Local Schools.

This, Huron County Auditor Roland Tkach said, is the way this country runs.

“Absolutely. The voters get to decide the tax rates,” he said. “Each political subdivision needs to make their case on their levy.”

All Huron County voters will see at least two levies — a new 1-mill levy for the Huron County Board of DD (not finalized) and a renewal for Senior Enrichment Services that has a slight .05 increase from .55 to .60 mills.

Voters in the city of Norwalk will see a police replacement levy that will bring it to the current voted rate (not finalized). Voters in the Norwalk City Schools district will see a 4.85-mill renewal levy with no increase.

“There is plenty to consider, depending on where you live,” Tkach said.

Huron County Board of Elections Director Sharon Locke said this is the best time to have a levy as far as cost is concerned.

“The cost is cheaper in the even-number years because they only play for ballots and advertising because it is a federal election,” she said. “The most expensive time to run a levy is in May of an odd-numbered year because you have to pay for everything.”

There were six levies on the May 8 primary ballot, with four passing and two going down.

Passing were a 3.5-mill renewal in Milan village, a 1/2-percent Bellevue city income tax, a 7.2-mill substitute in Edison Local Schools and a 0.65-mill replacement and decrease in Norwalk for recreational purposes.

Failing were a 1.8-mill replacement in Monroeville Local Schools and a 1.26 percent income tax in Willard City Schools for a new performing arts and civic center.

Monroeville Local Schools is planning to go back to voters, but there was nothing official as of Monday morning.

Here is the list so far of the 11 levies officially on the Nov. 6 general election ballot:

• New London Local Schools — additional, 2.9 mills for five years (general permanent improvement).

• Huron County — renewal and increase .6 mills for five years (Senior Enrichment Services).

• Norwich Township — renewal 2.5 mills for five years (fire, ambulance and EMS).

• Willard city — income tax 1/8 percent for five years (police).

• Ripley Township — additional 1.5 mills for five years (roads, streets and bridges).

• New London Public Library — additional 1.5 mills for 10 years (current expenses).

• Plymouth village — additional .5 mills for five years (fire department).

• Bellevue city — renewal 2 mills for five years (ambulance and EMS).

• Norwalk City Schools — renewal 4.85 mills for 10 years (emergency requirements of the school district).

• Loran County Joint Vocational School — additional .75 mills for a continuing period of time (general permanent improvements).

• Hartland Township — replacement 2 mills for five years (current expenses).

Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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