Norwalk Reflector: Brewers 'out tally' Muffins by a 9-5 score

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Brewers 'out tally' Muffins by a 9-5 score

By Joe Centers • May 22, 2018 at 12:00 PM


It was that kind of a day Sunday as the Monroeville Brewers hosted the Ohio Village Muffins vintage “base ball” club in a friendly game at Clark Park in Monroeville.

The game was part of a year-long celebration of Monroeville’s 150th birthday.

“Huzzah” means “hurray” in vintage “base ball” terms and there were plenty of huzzahs going around as players and fans alike had a ball.

Monroeville Police Chief Gary “The Man” Lyons, a 1970 graduate of Margaretta High School, went the distance on the mound for the Brewers, who won 9-5.

“I pitched all nine innings and I’m kind of feeling it this morning,” Lyons said Monday with a laugh. “It was a great time. Win or lose it was a great time.”

A large crowd filled the stands and some sat on hay bales.

“The people seemed to really enjoy it,” Lyons said. “It was a great crowd. A lot of credit has to go to the mayor (Melissa Fries-Seip) and the sesquicentennial committee for putting this all together.” 

Lyons is in his eighth year as chief of Monroeville. He talked about his favorite village memory.

“I was a freshman when Margaretta formed their very first baseball team,” he said. “Our first game of the season was against Monroeville. It was a tight game, but Monroeville won 1-0.”

Then he was an opponent. Now he is one of the guys.

“For sure, I’m defintely tied in with the community,” Lyons said. “It has been rewarding.”

What does Lyons think of the old time baseball?

“I can definitely see why they invented gloves,” he said with a laugh. “After nine innings of catching the ball my hands are pretty sore.”

Other members of the Brewers were: Brad “B-Rad” Clark; Matt Tyler; Gary “GP” Underwood; Bob “Freezer” Fries; Roger “The Dodger” Dickman; Don “DB Downtown” Beck; Tony “T-Whit” Whitacre; Greg “Hoover” Hauler; Thor “The Hammer” Johnson; Tom Schafer; Tim “Fox” Fox; Eric “Leb” Leber; Angel Bastardo; and Adam “Gerber” Gerber.

Here are some vintage “base ball” terms:

• Ace or tally — runs scored.

• Ballist — player.

* Club or club nine — team.

• Ginger — energy.

• Grounds — ball field.

• Hands down — outs.

• Leg it — run.

• Muff — error.

• Striker — batter.

There are a number of customs, including this one: Uncivil language, ungentlemanly or unlady-like behavior, spitting or any actions that would offend a true lady aren’t tolerated on pain of a fine — up to a day’s wages. Also, the spectators cheer for a good play on either side. The ballist making an exceptional play earns handshakes and a good word from both teammates and opponents alike.

There were plenty of handshakes going around Sunday afternoon.

Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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