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Things to do in Cleveland before you die

• Mar 24, 2019 at 8:00 AM

CLEVELAND — The warmer spring weather means more outdoor activities in the Cleveland area.

Deb Thompson and Tonya Prater, authors of “100 Things to Do in Cleveland Before You Die,” 2nd Edition, have put together the definitive Cleveland bucket list, and it’s full of fun things to do in the coming months.

Below are some suggested spring activities straight from the book itself:

• Spring is a wonderful time to explore the outdoors and Cleveland’s many metroparks. Step inside the ruins of a castle, hike along a beautiful trail leading through towering sandstone ledges, or spend a day seeking waterfalls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

• Explore Wade Oval and the many prestigious museums that dot the landscape in one of Cleveland’s most popular green spaces. The Cleveland Metropolitan Museum of Art offers free admission to view the regular collection and offers a scavenger hunt for children as well as ARTLENS, a free app that allows visitors to interact with the art in a unique way.

• Wade Oval isn’t the only place to find museums. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Police Museum and the International Women's Air and Space Museum all provide a fun and educational look at Cleveland and American history.

• You’ll find many statues and sculptures located in Public Square and throughout downtown Cleveland. Take a stroll to see how many you can find that pay homage to the people who made Cleveland one of the best cities in the Midwest. While you’re there, pop into the Old Stone Church, the oldest church in downtown Cleveland, for a free tour and to find out why one of the stained glass windows includes the former lakefront stadium in the design.

• You don’t have to be a die-hard sports fan to enjoy a live baseball game. The Cleveland Indians will play their first home game of the season on Monday, April 1 against the Chicago White Sox, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Progressive Field.

Thompson is a freelance travel writer whose work takes her across the country to find the most unique attractions that destinations have to offer. An avid fan of the strange and bizarre, she enjoys nothing more than exploring the hallways of haunted locales, searching for Bigfoot in the great outdoors, finding aliens in Roswell and mixing it up with a great cocktail. You can follow her endeavors at JustShortOfCrazy.com.

Prater is a travel writer with the heart of a nomad. Once a full-time RVer who dreams of reliving the experience, she is on a mission to find the fun, quirky stops scattered across the U.S. that most people drive past. Tonya shares her experiences at TravelInspiredLiving.com, which offers travel inspiration for the budget-minded.

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