Valravn review: Exciting, but maybe not worth the hype

Zoe Greszler • May 8, 2016 at 8:00 AM

Well, 223 feet up, 214 feet down at 75 mph later, I #Dared2Dive on the Valravn, as the popular hashtag goes, and I survived. 

I personally love a good rush. With all the hype this coaster was getting, I went in expecting one of the best adrenaline rushes ever. The tallest, longest, fastest dive coaster in the world with the highest and the most inversions. The whole world.

So was it worth it?

For me, it depends.

I rode this beast twice, the first time from the center of the middle row — there are three rows, seating eight across. The ride up gets your heart pumping pretty fast. At the top of the 223 feet, the view is incredible! There was no lie there. And being nearly perpendicular to the ground is nothing short of panic inducing. 

And then you drop.

Those first three seconds — when you think, ’What have I done?’ — make it difficult to breathe as you go down at the 90 degree angle. You’ll start to scream and then your breath is stolen. Then there are three inversions and another drop and the ride is over that quick. 

If I’m being honest, sitting in the middle row was a bit of a let down after the initial jolt. I would have liked more speed. I love that the ride is safe — I’m a stickler for safety — but I also love a ride that makes me feel like I’m falling from the sky. I didn’t get that on my first experience. From the middle row, I give it a B-.

Good but not great.

Then I got back in line and rode from the front. At the front, you feel every degree of that 75 mph without anything to block the wind, or the view. From the front you are securely free falling, if that makes sense. Again, I would have liked a little more of a feeling of the falling, but it is definitely improved.

From the front row, I give it a solid A. Great, but with room to improve to get that little extra plus sign. It feels too short and could use a little more speed and a feeling of free falling, but makes up for a lot with its height.

Overall, I would say definitely go if you can sit in the front row, ride it every chance you get. Otherwise, I’m not sure it’s worth the 2 to 3 hours you’ll be waiting in line as people seek the newest rush from this hype. 

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