EHOVE students share inspirations for award-winning art

Cary Ashby • Jan 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM

AVERY — Alexis Walker hadn’t attempted a perspective drawing until she tackled doing a house.

The EHOVE Career Career junior in the collision and refinishing program ended up with second place in the drawing category in the second “Everything is Art” exhibit at the school. There were 171 entries in several categories: Painting, drawing, photography, digital art and 3-D art. Each student could submit up to 10 pieces.

Katy Reed-Brown, the EHOVE library and media specialist, said the title for the art show comes from the many things that students are creating on a daily basis in their various programs.

Walker, whose home school is Western Reserve, used photos of three or four houses for her drawing. She said her biggest challenge was keeping the proper perspective and matching all the lines.

Overall, the daughter of Eric and Anita was pleased with the final outcome.

“But I still think I could do better I push myself,” she said.

Megan Kiser, whose home school is St. Mary Central Catholic, drew a lady and colored her blue.

“I really like doing blue art. It’s kinda like sad art,” said the EHOVE cosmetology student who earned first place in the drawing category.

Kiser used a photograph as a reference.

“She was gorgeous,” she said, referring to what attracted her to the woman in the photo. “The eyes really popped out to me. I really like drawing eyes.”

Michaela Rush is a senior in the EHOVE teacher academy. She earned third place for her black-and-white charcoal drawing. It features suspended metal balls often seen in home or desk decor. Under the balls is the Dave & Buster’s logo.

“This was in advanced drawing in my sophomore year at Norwalk High School. It was my last big project, so it means a lot to me,” said the daughter of Jordan and Michelle.

During the three weeks it took to draw, Rush said her biggest challenge was the detailed reflections in the balls.

“I was told it looks exactly like the picture that was taken,” added the teenager, who had entered her drawing in a regional art competition.

Vermilion junior Kyle Riccardi tweaked a photo of her niece Nevaeh who is standing in her diaper while encircled by a string of lit Christmas lights. Nevaeh is “heaven” spelled backwards.

“My mom took a picture of her like this. I blew it up,” said Riccardi, who earned third place in the photography category. “My favorite (part) is the reflection in the wood (floor) and the way she stares at it.”

Josephine Brown earned three awards for her digital art. The Norwalk visual media tech junior snagged first place for a purple cat, second for a female alien with a green knife and third for a character named Lucy.

Creating and coloring each illustration on a computer took a couple weeks.

“They take so long,” said Brown, the daughter of Katie and Rick, who also designed the front cover of the EHOVE yearbook.

The cat illustration was inspired by a feline on the cover of an Oingo Boingo album. Brown listened to the music of the American new wave band while creating her artwork.

“The way the music sounded is reflected in my cat,” she said, noting that the somewhat “clanky” music also came through in the geometric designs.

Zoltan Takacs, who is in the collision and refinishing program, painted a pin-up model, which was inspired by artist Gil Elvgren. He earned first place for a different painting of Marilyn Monroe. The Monroeville High School senior said he used “cheap acrylics” on a bed sheet for his Elvgren-inspired work.

“Originally it was going to be our homecoming banner, but it got rejected, so into the art show it went,” said Takacs, the son of Anthony and Jennifer.

Here are the award-winning Norwalk Reflector-area artists in the “Everything is Art” exhibit at EHOVE:

Painting: Zoltan Takacs (Monroeville High School); Chloe Thomas (Norwalk); Josephine Brown (Norwalk)

Drawing: Alexis Walker (Western Reserve); Michaela Rush (Norwalk); Takacs (Monroeville)

Digital art: Brown (Norwalk); Mariah Lucal (New London)

Photography: Elizabeth Jackson (Western Reserve); Lily Brant (Western Reserve); Morgan Booth (Norwalk)

3-D art: Walker (Western Reserve); Kaycee Sanford (New London); Brian Adkins (Western Reserve); Alexis Engler (Bellevue); Brown (Norwalk); Jenna Skrada (Western Reserve); Walker (Western Reserve) 

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