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Ohio ag official discusses soil with local students

By ELLEN SIMMONS • May 28, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Six Huron County schools participated in the Huron Soil and Water Conservation District’s Fourth Grade Conservation Day on May 14 at the Huron County Fairgrounds.

Students from New London, Western Reserve, Immaculate Conception in Bellevue, St. Joseph’s in Monroeville and Trinity Christian and League Elementary in Norwalk spent the day getting up close and personal with some of the subjects they have been studying.

Teachers guided their students to a variety of presentations given by experts in their field, and topics included forestry, food, soybeans, wildlife, bald eagles, soils, recycling, water, bees, aquatic invasive species, archery, weather and agriculture.

Steve Prebonick is a soil scientist with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and his topic was soils. He talked to the students about how important it is to consider the type of soil when planning on where to build a home.

He said most people don’t stop and think about whether they may be building on a flood plane or on soil that will not support a foundation. After one of the presentations he said, “People don’t think about soil, but I hope some of these students will remember this when they are older. It might save them a lot of money.”

Richard Kroeger is with the Ohio EPA and he has been sharing his knowledge about water with fourth graders for over 15 years. He talked about the water cycle, conservation, and recycling, and he calls Conservation Day, “a great program” that he is happy to help with each year.

League Elementary teacher Kathy Cring agrees with Kroeger about the value of the program. She said, “We come every year. It’s all about science and I am a science teacher. It’s just wonderful because the students get so much information we have already talked about. The kids love it and they have so much fun.”

Besides Prebonick and Kroeger, speakers for the event included Jenna Malott, Melissa Campbell, Tim Malinich, Lynn Sparks, Donna Allan, Mark Suhanic, Sam Kaiser, Alisa Schaffer, Merideth Gilbert, Nathan Kaufmann, Dawn Thayer, Jessica Anderson, Tim White, Kevin Kaltenbach, Nathan Watt, Anita Stotz, Douglas Kahn, Bob LaPlante, Pam Hansberger, Sarah Orlando and Richard Anderson.

Lori Liles, coordinator of Conservation Day each year, invites all county schools to take advantage of this free opportunity for their students. She can be reached at 419-668-4113, ext. 3.

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