12:00 PM Mar 2, 2015
Wintry mix could affect travel in Norwalk, rest of region Tuesday.
11:00 AM Mar 2, 2015
Fifty-degree highs may be possible before the end of the month.
9:00 AM Mar 2, 2015
Man free on promise to return to court for sentencing hearing.
11:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
Norwalk man to serve 30-day jail sentence.
10:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
(UPDATED) Chinese restaurant in Norwalk has 80 health-code violations in three-month span.
8:20 PM Mar 1, 2015
James has miserable day at the free-throw line.
8:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
Regular season has concluded.
7:15 PM Mar 1, 2015
Panda Buffet issued 15 violations; Eagles in Norwalk had 14; several other local food establishments hit with 10 or more.
7:14 PM Mar 1, 2015
Crossroads Tavern tops the list with 17 violations during two inspections; Panda Buffet had 16 during its lone inspection.
7:13 PM Mar 1, 2015
Panda Buffet topped the list with 14 violations; Sterk's Restaurant in Wakeman hit with 13; Country Counter Market in North Fairfield had 12.
7:12 PM Mar 1, 2015
Berry's Restaurant led the way with 17 violations; Panda Buffet had 10.
7:11 PM Mar 1, 2015
Brian Buffet topped the list with 15 violations during two inspections; Community Market in Plymouth hit with 9.
7:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
National Champion Buckeyes, as well as Browns and Cavs, to be at I-X Center for show, which starts Saturday and runs through March 15.
6:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
Council members, though, not surprised by $455,000 engineering costs for one project.
5:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
About 110,000 concealed carry licenses Issued or renewed in 2014.
4:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
These public interest issues must be thoroughly vetted well in advance of a marijuana ballot measure in Ohio.
3:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
Here's why you can expect aggressive increases in gasoline prices during next few weeks.
2:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
Huron County Airport support groups say consultant fee needed to be paid Friday; county commissioner says "The Friends should just stick to being the Friends."
1:00 PM Mar 1, 2015
Consumers who have title problems after buying a car or who experience other problems with the transaction should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.