5:00 PM Jun 1, 2011
An Ohio man was in court Tuesday afternoon in connection with a shooting that resulted from bath salt abuse.
4:41 PM Jun 1, 2011
(9-1-1 call posted in this story) Authorities say a local woman is clinging to life after her estranged husband, who just got out of prison, repeatedly stabbed her with a screwdriver.
4:00 PM Jun 1, 2011
A detail pulled five years ago by an investigator in France from a notorious series of obscene Internet photographs resulted in the imposition Tuesday of the most severe sentence ever in a child pornography prosecution in Connecticut, and one of the longest in the U.S.
2:00 PM Jun 1, 2011
For the second time in six months, shareholders of Cedar Fair LP are expected to gather in Erie County on Thursday for a special shareholders meeting where they will vote on changes to the company that its largest shareholder demanded.
1:00 PM Jun 1, 2011
A break-in culprit made off with a rural Norwalk resident's car keys and his silver 2007 Pontiac G5.
11:32 AM Jun 1, 2011
Emergency crews still are on the scene of a train derailment on Liberty Road near Willard.
11:00 AM Jun 1, 2011
A Texas man broke out a window in a sheriff's cruiser and is accused of becoming combative when he was taken to the Huron County Jail.
10:00 AM Jun 1, 2011
The Huron River Joint Fire District extinguished a pickup truck that was on fire early Sunday morning.
9:44 AM Jun 1, 2011
(UPDATED with clarification about location.) Two teens were charged with being disorderly and intoxicated in connection with a graduation party near a local pizza place.
8:59 AM Jun 1, 2011
Village fiscal officer Mary Bruno has filed an administrative charge of discrimination against Mayor Robert Bickley with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, a commission spokeswoman confirmed.
8:55 AM Jun 1, 2011
The Wakeman girl started to sniff and cry when the prosecutor asked her what the prices were for the various sex acts a suspected pimp asked her to do.
8:15 AM Jun 1, 2011
Chris Harlan will host Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard at 9 a.m. today at www.norwalkreflector.com.
7:47 AM Jun 1, 2011
The father of a local girl chased a naked 25-year-old man out of his house with a broom after he caught the man in bed with his teen-age daughter.
10:26 PM May 31, 2011
WILLARD -- Emergency personnel were at the scene of a train derailment on Liberty Road near Willard West Road Tuesday night, according to reports.
6:42 PM May 31, 2011
Beth Schnellinger literally is a Friend of Education. She's just not sure what the fuss is all about. "I think I'm just a mom," the Pleasant Elementary mother of two said. Also the PTO president for the past year, Schnellinger has two daughters at Pleasant: Cathy, 9, who is in third grade and Karli, 7, a first-grader.
4:00 PM May 31, 2011
Reducing state funding for county soil and water conservation districts might force them to cut workers and services, and it might prompt at least one district to seek its first local property-tax levy, officials said.
3:00 PM May 31, 2011
At USA Network, as the slogan insists, characters are welcome. Established stars? Not so much.
2:00 PM May 31, 2011
Ohio's public universities haven't included the state's main need-based scholarship in their financial-aid packages for the coming school year because the state budget hasn't been finished.
1:17 PM May 31, 2011
(UPDATED with link to pictures.) Relatives and friends of the Class of 2011 filled the Western Reserve gymnasium Sunday to give the largest graduating class in the history of the school a big sendoff.
1:00 PM May 31, 2011
When Rasi Robinson was arrested with a gun in 1999, he told Washington, D.C., police he probably would get more guns once that case was over. He kept his word. Robinson is now serving time for gun trafficking and manslaughter.
12:00 PM May 31, 2011
A local elementary-school boy is accused of molesting a 5-year-old Milan Avenue boy.